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MainViewer Class Reference

#include <main_viewer.h>

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Public Slots

void SL_dophiRotation ()
void SL_dothetaRotation ()
void SL_dopsiRotation ()
void SL_doXMovement ()
void SL_doYMovement ()
void SL_doZMovement ()
void SL_needDraw ()
void SL_repaint ()
void SL_keypress (int key)
void SL_loadImage ()


void SIG_phiRotationChanged (double angle)
void SIG_thetaRotationChanged (double angle)
void SIG_psiRotationChanged (double angle)
void SIG_xMovementChanged (double range)
void SIG_yMovementChanged (double range)
void SIG_zMovementChanged (double range)
void SIG_actPoint (QVector3D res)
void SIG_actPosition (QVector3D res)

Public Member Functions

 MainViewer (QWidget *parent=0)
 ~MainViewer ()
QSize minimumSizeHint () const
QSize sizeHint () const

Public Attributes

double screenW
double screenH
QPoint lastPos

Protected Member Functions

void initializeGL ()
void paintGL ()
void resizeGL (int width, int height)
void draw_atoms ()
void draw_bonds ()
void draw_axis ()
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *event)

Private Member Functions

void init_spheres (int numbOfSubdiv)
void init_faces ()
void normalizeAngle (double *angle)
void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *event)
void set_defaults ()
void calculate_size ()
void prepare_scene ()
void prepare_invbox (QVector3D, QVector3D)
void prepare_axis ()
void arrow (QVector3D orig, QVector3D vect, double fact, double sm)
void draw_quad (float size)
void draw_nod_disp (double f)
void draw_arrows (double f)
void drawBackground ()
void drawTexture (GLuint tex, QVector3D p1, QVector3D p2, QVector3D p3, QVector3D p4)
QVector3D getOGLPos (int, int)
QVector3D getMousePos (int, int)
void draw_quad (double v[8][3], double norm_v[8][3])
void drawInvisBox ()
void draw_faces1 (double f)
void draw_line (QVector< int > line, double f)
void draw_numbers ()
void doGLdisloc ()
void draw (QPainter *painter, Int4 pq, int n_res, double min_val, double step, int n_steps)
void draw (QPainter *painter, QVector< int > pq, int n_res, double min_val, double step, int n_steps)
void paintEvent ()
void get_axis_angle (const QQuaternion q, QVector3D &v, double &ang)
void euler2matr ()
QVector2D normalizeMouse (QPoint qp)
void quat2matr (QQuaternion q)
QVector3D quat2euler (QQuaternion q)
QQuaternion quatfromEuler ()
GLuint Pixmap2texture (QPixmap *pix)
GLuint image2texture (QImage *bmp)

Private Attributes

unsigned int n_bonds
unsigned int n_atoms
QVector3D * coord
int * a_kind
QVector3D min_
QVector3D max_
QVector3D a_min_
QVector3D a_max_
QVector3D e_min_
QVector3D e_max_
GLuint textures [100]
GLuint background
GLdouble model_view [16]
GLdouble projection [16]
GLint viewport [4]
QVector2D mousePt
QVector3D mousePos
double * transformM
double phiRot
double thetaRot
double psiRot
double d_x
double d_y
double d_0
double angle
QVector3D axis
double xl
double xr
double yd
double yu
GLuint sphereList [125]
GLuint cubeList
double distance
double dist0
double distance0
int mmx
int mmy
QVector3D cent_
float fov
Face f0
unsigned int n_elements
unsigned int n_faces
unsigned int n_nodes
double bg_red
double bg_green
double bg_blue
GLfloat a_color [4]
float VIEW_rad_fact
int VIEW_whichRadius
double small
double smaller
QColor * colour_spectrum
double rad_scene

Detailed Description

This is the class MainViewer. Since we use QGL widgets here this must be a derived class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MainViewer::MainViewer ( QWidget *  parent = 0 )


MainViewer::~MainViewer (  )


Member Function Documentation

void MainViewer::arrow ( QVector3D  orig,
QVector3D  vect,
double  fact,
double  sm 
) [private]
void MainViewer::calculate_size (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::doGLdisloc (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::draw ( QPainter *  painter,
Int4  pq,
int  n_res,
double  min_val,
double  step,
int  n_steps 
) [private]

No idea what this does?

void MainViewer::draw ( QPainter *  painter,
QVector< int >  pq,
int  n_res,
double  min_val,
double  step,
int  n_steps 
) [private]
void MainViewer::draw_arrows ( double  f ) [private]
void MainViewer::draw_atoms (  ) [protected]
void MainViewer::draw_axis (  ) [protected]
void MainViewer::draw_bonds (  ) [protected]
void MainViewer::draw_faces1 ( double  f ) [private]
void MainViewer::draw_line ( QVector< int >  line,
double  f 
) [private]

No idea what this does...?

void MainViewer::draw_nod_disp ( double  f ) [private]
void MainViewer::draw_numbers (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::draw_quad ( float  size ) [private]
void MainViewer::draw_quad ( double  v[8][3],
double  norm_v[8][3] 
) [private]
void MainViewer::drawBackground (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::drawInvisBox (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::drawTexture ( GLuint  tex,
QVector3D  p1,
QVector3D  p2,
QVector3D  p3,
QVector3D  p4 
) [private]
void MainViewer::euler2matr (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::get_axis_angle ( const QQuaternion  q,
QVector3D &  v,
double &  ang 
) [private]

Get the angle of this axis.

QVector3D MainViewer::getMousePos ( int  ,
) [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::getOGLPos ( int  ,
) [private]
GLuint MainViewer::image2texture ( QImage *  bmp ) [private]
void MainViewer::init_faces (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::init_spheres ( int  numbOfSubdiv ) [private]
void MainViewer::initializeGL (  ) [protected]
QSize MainViewer::minimumSizeHint (  ) const
void MainViewer::mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event ) [protected]
void MainViewer::mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event ) [protected]
void MainViewer::normalizeAngle ( double *  angle ) [private]
QVector2D MainViewer::normalizeMouse ( QPoint  qp ) [private]
void MainViewer::paintEvent (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::paintGL (  ) [protected]
GLuint MainViewer::Pixmap2texture ( QPixmap *  pix ) [private]
void MainViewer::prepare_axis (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::prepare_invbox ( QVector3D  ,
) [private]
void MainViewer::prepare_scene (  ) [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::quat2euler ( QQuaternion  q ) [private]
void MainViewer::quat2matr ( QQuaternion  q ) [private]
QQuaternion MainViewer::quatfromEuler (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::resizeGL ( int  width,
int  height 
) [protected]
void MainViewer::set_defaults (  ) [private]
void MainViewer::SIG_actPoint ( QVector3D  res ) [signal]
void MainViewer::SIG_actPosition ( QVector3D  res ) [signal]
void MainViewer::SIG_phiRotationChanged ( double  angle ) [signal]
void MainViewer::SIG_psiRotationChanged ( double  angle ) [signal]
void MainViewer::SIG_thetaRotationChanged ( double  angle ) [signal]
void MainViewer::SIG_xMovementChanged ( double  range ) [signal]
void MainViewer::SIG_yMovementChanged ( double  range ) [signal]
void MainViewer::SIG_zMovementChanged ( double  range ) [signal]
QSize MainViewer::sizeHint (  ) const
void MainViewer::SL_dophiRotation (  ) [slot]
void MainViewer::SL_dopsiRotation (  ) [slot]
void MainViewer::SL_dothetaRotation (  ) [slot]
void MainViewer::SL_doXMovement (  ) [slot]
void MainViewer::SL_doYMovement (  ) [slot]
void MainViewer::SL_doZMovement (  ) [slot]
void MainViewer::SL_keypress ( int  key ) [slot]
void MainViewer::SL_loadImage (  ) [slot]
void MainViewer::SL_needDraw (  ) [slot]
void MainViewer::SL_repaint (  ) [slot]
void MainViewer::wheelEvent ( QWheelEvent *  event ) [private]

Member Data Documentation

GLfloat MainViewer::a_color[4] [private]
int* MainViewer::a_kind [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::a_max_ [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::a_min_ [private]
double MainViewer::angle [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::axis [private]
GLuint MainViewer::background [private]
double MainViewer::bg_blue [private]
double MainViewer::bg_green [private]
double MainViewer::bg_red [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::cent_ [private]
QColor* MainViewer::colour_spectrum [private]

RGB spectrum container for the main viewer.

QVector3D* MainViewer::coord [private]
GLuint MainViewer::cubeList [private]
double MainViewer::d_0 [private]
double MainViewer::d_x [private]
double MainViewer::d_y [private]
double MainViewer::dist0 [private]
double MainViewer::distance [private]
double MainViewer::distance0 [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::e_max_ [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::e_min_ [private]
Face MainViewer::f0 [private]
float MainViewer::fov [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::max_ [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::min_ [private]
int MainViewer::mmx [private]
int MainViewer::mmy [private]
GLdouble MainViewer::model_view[16] [private]
QVector3D MainViewer::mousePos [private]
QVector2D MainViewer::mousePt [private]
unsigned int MainViewer::n_atoms [private]

Number of atoms in this context.

unsigned int MainViewer::n_bonds [private]

Number of bonds in this context.

unsigned int MainViewer::n_elements [private]

Number of elements in this mesh context.

unsigned int MainViewer::n_faces [private]

Number of faces in this element context.

unsigned int MainViewer::n_nodes [private]

Number of nodes in this element context.

double MainViewer::phiRot [private]
GLdouble MainViewer::projection[16] [private]
double MainViewer::psiRot [private]
double MainViewer::rad_scene [private]
double MainViewer::small [private]
double MainViewer::smaller [private]
GLuint MainViewer::sphereList[125] [private]
GLuint MainViewer::textures[100] [private]
double MainViewer::thetaRot [private]
double* MainViewer::transformM [private]
float MainViewer::VIEW_rad_fact [private]
GLint MainViewer::viewport[4] [private]
double MainViewer::xl [private]
double MainViewer::xr [private]
double MainViewer::yd [private]
double MainViewer::yu [private]

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