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vecds/include/vecds/mat9d.h File Reference


struct  Mat9d


double determinant (const Mat9d &m)
const double inverse_determinant (const Mat9d &m)
Mat9d invert (const Mat9d &m)
Mat9d transpose (const Mat9d &m)
Mat9d matmult (const Mat9d &m1, const Mat9d &m2)
QVector3D matvecmult (const Mat9d &mat, const QVector3D &v)

Function Documentation

double determinant ( const Mat9d m ) [inline]

Return the determinant ${\rm det}\,M$ of this matrix.

const double inverse_determinant ( const Mat9d m ) [inline]

Return the inverse of the deteminant $({\rm det}\,M)^{-1}$ of this matrix.

Mat9d invert ( const Mat9d m ) [inline]

Return the inverse ${\rm inv}\,M=M^{-1}$ of this matrix.

Mat9d matmult ( const Mat9d m1,
const Mat9d m2 
) [inline]

Return the matrix multiplication of matrice m1 and m2.

QVector3D matvecmult ( const Mat9d mat,
const QVector3D &  v 
) [inline]

Return the vector multiplication of matrice rotmat and vectorpoint.

Mat9d transpose ( const Mat9d m ) [inline]

Return the transpose of an Mat9d object.