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Internal Class Reference

#include <internal.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Internal ()
 ~Internal ()

Private Member Functions

void init_atoms ()
void init_structures ()
void init_e0 ()
void init_c27 ()
void read_alchemy_xyz (QString namea)
void read_fems (QString fname)
void read_res (QString resname)
void read_img (QString iname)
void read_settings ()
int which_atom (QString nam_a)
double read_fraction (QString line)
int lattice (int, int, int)
int lattice2 (double, double, int)
void minmax3 (QVector3D *vec, int numb, QVector3D &vmin, QVector3D &vmax)
void minmax (double *vec, int numb, double &vmin, double &vmax)
bool func (Int4, Int4)
bool func (QVector< int > &, QVector< int > &)
void calc_faces ()
void processMiller (int sw, QString rtext, QString rtext2="")
bool parse_miller (QString line)
bool parse_core (QString line)
bool internal_miller (QString line2, int which, Int4 &mil)
bool internal_miller (QString line2, int which, QVector< int > &miller_indices)
void compute_rotation_tensor ()
void do_atoms_rotation (Mat9d r_tens, QVector3D vec)
void do_invis_rotation (Mat9d r_tens, QVector3D vec)
void do_signes_rotation (Mat9d r_tens, QVector3D vec)
void do_axis_rotation (Mat9d r_tens)
void calc_disloc (int nr_atom, int d_num)
void calc_disl0 ()
int atomize (QVector3D point, int wh_at)
void SL_singleDisl (QVector3D r)
void mixed_u (int i)
void newdisl (int n_a)
bool eqMiller (int m1[6], int m2[6])
void saveAtoms (QString sname)

Private Attributes

QString current_dir
int numbcrstr
QString img_loaded
QString atoms_loaded
QString res_loaded
QString fems_loaded
QString act_disl
QString act_core
QString act_mill
bool choice
QPixmap img
int numbFaces
E0 c27
QVector3D e_min_
QVector3D e_max_
QVector3D a_min_
QVector3D a_max_
QVector3D min_
QVector3D max_
QVector3D cent_
QVector3D invbox [8]
QVector3D axeX
QVector3D axeY
QVector3D axeZ
bool sliderMove
int Mode
double sliderValue
QVector3D actPoint
double rad_scene
int n_dislocations
int indMiller [6]
int oldMiller [6]
double fraction
Mat9d rot_tensor
Mat9d rot_inv
bool visible [10]
double mfactor
unsigned int INT_nn
unsigned int INT_ne
unsigned int INT_nr


class MainViewer
class MainWindow

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Internal::Internal (  )
Internal::~Internal (  )

Member Function Documentation

int Internal::atomize ( QVector3D  point,
int  wh_at 
) [private]
void Internal::calc_disl0 (  ) [private]
void Internal::calc_disloc ( int  nr_atom,
int  d_num 
) [private]
void Internal::calc_faces (  ) [private]

Calculate faces:

void Internal::compute_rotation_tensor (  ) [private]
void Internal::do_atoms_rotation ( Mat9d  r_tens,
QVector3D  vec 
) [private]
void Internal::do_axis_rotation ( Mat9d  r_tens ) [private]
void Internal::do_invis_rotation ( Mat9d  r_tens,
QVector3D  vec 
) [private]
void Internal::do_signes_rotation ( Mat9d  r_tens,
QVector3D  vec 
) [private]
bool Internal::eqMiller ( int  m1[6],
int  m2[6] 
) [private]
bool Internal::func ( Int4  ,
) [private]

This function does what?

bool Internal::func ( QVector< int > &  ,
QVector< int > &   
) [private]
void Internal::init_atoms (  ) [private]
void Internal::init_c27 (  ) [private]
void Internal::init_e0 (  ) [private]
void Internal::init_structures (  ) [private]
bool Internal::internal_miller ( QString  line2,
int  which,
Int4 mil 
) [private]

This function does what?

bool Internal::internal_miller ( QString  line2,
int  which,
QVector< int > &  miller_indices 
) [private]
int Internal::lattice ( int  ,
int  ,
) [private]
int Internal::lattice2 ( double  ,
double  ,
) [private]
void Internal::minmax ( double *  vec,
int  numb,
double &  vmin,
double &  vmax 
) [private]

Find the ${\rm min}[vec]$ and ${\rm max}[vec]$ given all the entries in vec.

void Internal::minmax3 ( QVector3D *  vec,
int  numb,
QVector3D &  vmin,
QVector3D &  vmax 
) [private]

Find the ${\rm min}[vec]$ and ${\rm max}[vec]$ given all the entries in vec.

void Internal::mixed_u ( int  i ) [private]
void Internal::newdisl ( int  n_a ) [private]
bool Internal::parse_core ( QString  line ) [private]
bool Internal::parse_miller ( QString  line ) [private]
void Internal::processMiller ( int  sw,
QString  rtext,
QString  rtext2 = "" 
) [private]
void Internal::read_alchemy_xyz ( QString  namea ) [private]

Read a file in as alchemy format.

void Internal::read_fems ( QString  fname ) [private]
double Internal::read_fraction ( QString  line ) [private]
void Internal::read_img ( QString  iname ) [private]
void Internal::read_res ( QString  resname ) [private]
void Internal::read_settings (  ) [private]

Read in settings: This actually sets the RGB colour to be used that is defined by the user.

void Internal::saveAtoms ( QString  sname ) [private]
void Internal::SL_singleDisl ( QVector3D  r ) [private]
int Internal::which_atom ( QString  nam_a ) [private]

Some kind of integer that tells us which atom we are looking at:

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class MainViewer [friend]
friend class MainWindow [friend]

Member Data Documentation

QVector3D Internal::a_max_ [private]
QVector3D Internal::a_min_ [private]
QString Internal::act_core [private]
QString Internal::act_disl [private]
QString Internal::act_mill [private]
QVector3D Internal::actPoint [private]
Atoms* Internal::atoms [private]
QString Internal::atoms_loaded [private]
QVector3D Internal::axeX [private]
QVector3D Internal::axeY [private]
QVector3D Internal::axeZ [private]
E0 Internal::c27 [private]
QVector3D Internal::cent_ [private]
bool Internal::choice [private]
QString Internal::current_dir [private]

The current directory being used.

QVector3D Internal::e_max_ [private]
QVector3D Internal::e_min_ [private]
Face* Internal::faces [private]
QString Internal::fems_loaded [private]
double Internal::fraction [private]
QPixmap Internal::img [private]
QString Internal::img_loaded [private]
int Internal::indMiller[6] [private]
unsigned int Internal::INT_ne [private]
unsigned int Internal::INT_nn [private]
unsigned int Internal::INT_nr [private]
QVector3D Internal::invbox[8] [private]
QVector3D Internal::max_ [private]
double Internal::mfactor [private]
QVector3D Internal::min_ [private]
int Internal::Mode [private]
int Internal::n_dislocations [private]
Nodes* Internal::nodes [private]
int Internal::numbcrstr [private]
int Internal::numbFaces [private]
int Internal::oldMiller[6] [private]
double Internal::rad_scene [private]
QString Internal::res_loaded [private]
bool Internal::sliderMove [private]
double Internal::sliderValue [private]
bool Internal::visible[10] [private]

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